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Two thieves, a magician, a computer hacker, a wannabe actor and a explosives expert plan a robbery to fulfill the dream of Victor Braganza. Will they be successful or will destiny have something diffe

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original title: Players

genge: Action,Crime,Thriller


imdb: 4.3

duration: 2h 43min



keywords: womaninshower, doublecross, remakeofamericanfilm, minicooper, caper, heist, bikini






































The Indian remake of the Italian Job. Romanian gold is to be transferred from Russia to Romania after many years. A gang made up of a con man, a con women, an illusionist, a makeup artist, an explosive cum gadgets expert and world's number 1 hacker steal the gold. But the hacker named spider betrays the whole team and takes all the gold. Two thieves, a magician, a computer hacker, a wannabe actor and a explosives expert plan a robbery to fulfill the dream of Victor Braganza. Will they be successful or will destiny have something different for them? This was not the kind of start expected for 2012. The movie lost its audience in the first 20 minutes itself. Poorly scripted dialogs, complemented with pathetic dialog delivery, below par acting by people who have been in the industry for more than a decade now (especially Abhi and Bips), poor punches and lot of technical mistakes is what you see in the first half n hour of the movie.

The only three stars that I give to the movie is because of slightly better second half where the execution of the plot was slightly better and the twist in the climax - the only original thing about the movie.

The biggest difference between Italian Job and Players is the build up of the story. While the English flick detailed each and every step of the robbery and provided logical and believable reasoning for the same, Players just rushed through the execution with many steps unexplained. The story was build up very poorly with many loose ends. Is it really necessary in Bollywood to portray Hero as good? Why would thieves be good at heart? Goa police can actually sue the producers for their portrayal.

After watching the movie I kept wondering if this is the same Abbas- Mustan jodi which made Baazigar, Khiladi, Aitraaz and Race? They even made a good Soldier out of Bobby Deol. It's time they do some retrospection on what they are doing. Throughout their career since the early 90s, director duo Abbas-Mustan have been making inspired films taking it all from the West, with a fairly good success ratio at the box office. Quite astonishingly they sometimes have even given us better movies than the Originals like their last RACE. But sadly with PLAYERS the story is not the same unexpectedly.

Keeping it straight, when they were copying, they were good. But now when for the first time they have gone for An Official Remake of a Hit Cult Movie, they go all wrong with some hugely un-necessary moves ruining a fine exciting script.

Abbad-Mustan's PLAYERS is based on two movies, "The Italian Job" made in 1969 and its Official Remake made in 2003 with the same name. Now the first one made in 1969 is a fine British film featuring Michael Caine as the leader Charlie, who plans a Big Gold robbery and the film revolves around only one heist in all till the climax. The main highlights of the film included the massive traffic jam plan and 3 mini coopers (small cars) chase sequence towards its end. Along with that it had an open climax with a surprise.

The second Italian JOB got released in 2003 with some brilliant, well written additions in the same plot, introducing a traitor in the team with a second heist plan too executed perfectly. This updated version of the classic excelled its original with a great script, featuring two exciting robberies in just 111 minutes.

Now coming to the third Official Indian Remake of the same called PLAYERS, it fails to leave you satisfied due to its own faulty and un- required insertions. This time Abbas-Mustan go legal and take the rights of making the film in Hindi as it should be done ethically. With a big production house backing them, they make a visually stunning movie with all the glitters of gold shining in the grand foreign locations. But when it comes to script, they mess it up posing as more intelligent than the original writers of both the classics.

So, PLAYERS misses the target mainly due to its writers and directors acting over-smart and adding many unwanted elements in the film ruining its original charm and feel. I am still confused that when there is already a Hit, well written script in front of you to follow legally, then what's the need of adding the same rotten plots of love and betrayal to it un-necessarily?

Honestly speaking, if you haven't seen the exciting 2003 version of THE Italian JOB, then you may like PLAYERS as a one-time watch. But in case you have already witnessed its better remake then you are sure going to find its Hindi Version strange, bizarre and absurd. In fact the same things which were so exciting, thrilling and highpoints of its Original Remake, seem to be very childish, uninteresting and weird in this Bollywood version of the Classic.

For instance, the whole first hour is wasted in just showing the selection of various players. The train robbery sequence, though well shot, is based on very unrealistic and funny assumption where every window in the train is having a virtual film running on it, controlled by our computer man. A national treasure in Russia is robbed with such a convenience and a man wears a mask of a senior officer and enters their security easily (in Russia itself). The Big Golden safe gets opened in just a few seconds by only a drilling machine and a small device. Plus the last scene in a very illogical manner tells you that all the Gold bars have actually been melted and converted into small cars made out of the same Gold. (By the way who thought of this legendary idea?)

Moreover, the massive traffic jam in the city, the road blasting sequence and the 3 mini coopers chase scenes in the climax, which were the key feature of its original, simply lose their existence in this over-intelligently made official remake. The directors do make their presence felt in certain portions, especially in the execution of the heist scenes and just before the interval but overall one doesn't feel entertained by them as compared to their last venture RACE. Musically PLAYERS is a big dud delivered by the Hit-machine Pritam, with not even one good song in its entire soundtrack. The film is shot superbly as most of the recent big ventures but I hope the makers start giving the same attention to their script department too.

Performance wise it also doesn't give you anything great to write about. Most of them in the cast remain wasted with only a few given more time on the screen showing the imbalance. Abhishek in the lead, remains the same in his style and act as he was in his other popular films such as "Dhoom". Bipasha is simply there to show off her body and nothing else. Sonam once again looks over-confident with attitude. Bobby Deol, Omi Vaidya & Sikander Kher do not contribute anything significant in the film and are simply wasted. It seems Bobby just signed this film only due to his decades long relationship with the directors. Neil Nitin Mukesh tries his best but manages to do just fine. Vinod Khanna looks tired and out of form whereas Johny Lever still manages to make you laugh in his few scenes.

As for now, I have one suggestion to make. If you are not going to see "The Italian Job" (2003 version) in any case, then you may opt for PLAYERS as a one-time watch if you wish. But if you are really interested in watching some quality cinema, then strictly watch its 2003 remake first before opting for PLAYERS. Because Abbas Mustan's PLAYERS is highly capable of ruining your exciting experience of watching the best Italian JOB (2003) till date.


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Princess Adora raises her magic sword and becomes She-Ra, the most powerful woman in the universe, to aid her friends in defeating the Evil Horde so their planet Etheria can be free.

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original title: She-Ra: Princess of Power

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Family,Fantasy,Sci-Fi


imdb: 7.5

duration: 22min

tags: For the honor of Grayskull, SHE-RA has the power!


keywords: revolution, revolutionary, horde, evil, twin, sword, magic, separatedatbirth, twins, captive, flyinghorse, horse, castle, weaponry, sorcery, motherdaughterrelationship, magicspell, oppression, slavery














































The kidnapped daughter of Queen Marlena and King Randor of Eternia (characters from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe), Princess Adora grew up on Etheria. There, she lead an evil army until the day her long-lost twin brother, Prince Adam (He-Man), came to tell her who she really was. As her alter ego, She-Ra, the princess protects Etheria by fighting the forces she once worked for. Princess Adora raises her magic sword and becomes She-Ra, the most powerful woman in the universe, to aid her friends in defeating the Evil Horde so their planet Etheria can be free. She Ra and He Man are by far (along with the likes of The Thundercats and Voltron)some of the best cartoons ever. They were the staple of my after school lineup. Its a shame that they aren't broadcast around here. I could never understand why these were never (recently) made available on DVD/VHS. Too bad! This was a good show for it's time. It lead to Xena: Princess Warrior in the 1990's.

I just wish that they put She-Ra in a Marvel Animated Universe style with

Space Ghost Birdman Herculoids Thundarr the Barbarian TThundercats He-Man She-Ra

Supporting Cast

Mighty Mightor Samson Blue Falcon Super President Dino Boy Galaxy Trio Teen Force The Pirates of the Dark Water Galter and the Golden Lance Blackstar Secrets of Isis Xena Space Sentinel/Freedom Force


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Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire council in order to combat the Reapers, who are feeding on vampires.

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original title: Blade II

genge: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller


imdb: 7.1

duration: 1h 57min

tags: One Man Still Has The Edge

budget: $54,000,000

keywords: prague, blacksuperhero, vampire, mutation, warrior, vampireversusvampire, bladethecharacter, cultfilm, patricide, romannumeralintitle, twowordtitle, murder, 2000s, cartoonontv, duel, showdown, m16, ma













































Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire council in order to combat the Reapers, who are feeding on vampires. A rare mutation has occurred within the vampire community. The Reaper. A vampire so consumed with an insatiable bloodlust that they prey on vampires as well as humans, transforming victims who are unlucky enough to survive into Reapers themselves. Now their quickly expanding population threatens the existence of vampires, and soon there won't be enough humans in the world to satisfy their bloodlust. Blade, Whistler (Yes, he's back) and an armory expert named Scud are curiously summoned by the Shadow Council. The council reluctantly admits that they are in a dire situation and they require Blade's assistance. Blade then tenuously enters into an alliance with The Bloodpack, an elite team of vampires trained in all modes of combat to defeat the Reaper threat. Blade's team and the Bloodpack are the only line of defense which can prevent the Reaper population from wiping out the vampire and human populations. Those who wound up not liking this movie all seem to have the same complaint....it wasn't as serious as the first....what these people don't get is that THAT'S THE POINT.....

Having purchased the DVD last week, and heard my theory proved correct straight from Guillermo Del Toro's mouth, i can say this with complete confidence....the first one was meant to be the establisher....the basis for which any and all sequels (and oh yes, a Blade III is coming...it's in David Goyer's contract) will work from. Hence, the more serious tone. Del Toro's take on Blade was meant to be more of an episodic anime/comic book feel. His main concern was to have fun, to make a movie in the Blade universe that would rock in every sense of the term, and not betray the universe set up in the first film...while I, like others, am disappointed that the character of Karen from the first film didnt make the transfer over to the sequel, about 10 minutes in, you forget she exists.

What we got in exchange is a new breed of vampire that's just about THE scariest cinematic creature creation since H. R. Giger's Alien....action scenes that rival some of Hong Kong's best, which is something a scant few American films can claim.....and a load of atmosphere and style that only a mind as in tune with what makes horror horror as Guillermo Del Toro's could've envisioned properly.

Looking for story? A continuation of the themes of humanity and breaking social hierarchy from the first movie? Lotsa luck. This story was meant to stand on its own two feet, and like the anime and comics this style of storytelling is based on, not every episode/issue has to advance the tale 3 steps. Expect that of X2 in May, not this flick.

The other big issue is with the CGI....are the CGI effects obvious? Yeah...although there are a couple of places where you think they used CG, and it's really a makeup/prosthetic....does it matter? To me? No. I honestly don't know where this idea comes from that ANY CGI is bad, and any effect can be done better using wires and miniatures. Granted, there have been massive failures of the idea, most notably in the form of a certain wrestler-turned-half-scorpion, but in the case of most "impossible" effects, i think these people are being far too harsh on the method. Case in point in this movie being the final fight between Blade and Nomak, with CG stuntmen making up the harshest parts of one of the most brutal fights in recent memory. Yeah, the CG stuntmen are obvious. I also think it wouldnt have worked any other way. People, youve gotta look at thhhings with better eyes than that.

In closing, i think the succeeds on every level it attempts to hit, and anyone willing to put some duct tape over the mouth of their inner cynic looking for more substance in their movies should be able to see that. Roll on Blade III indeed. I am not one who really likes action movies but for a change, Blade II did the trick for me. Wesley Snipes is very good as the Blade character and pulls it off well. Some of the concepts were good, like the bloodpack and dna splicing to create reapers, however the bloodpack fails in many regards. Their internal squabbling with Blade is one storyline thumb down; as well two of the bloodpack earlier on in the movie have a big fight scene with Blade and they are super hero like. However, for the rest of the movie, they don't display any of those super hero like talents. They along with the rest of the bloodpack, simply act very unspecial like and are used like extras waiting their turn to be killed.

Overall it is a good but somewhat lacking movie 7/10. Del Toro ("Cronos") is a stylish horrormeister, and he has created an evocative, foreboding atmosphere. But only a fan of this kind of mayhem could find a way into the story. Blade IIis based on a vampire hunter featured in Marvel Comics. He was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan. Blade's first appearance was in The Tomb of Dracula #10 (July 1973) as a supporting character. The comic book Blade was adapted for the movie by American screenwriter David Goyer. The first Blade movie, Blade (1998), was released in 1998, followed by Blade II. A third sequel, Blade: Trinity (2004) followed in 2004. While it's never explicitly stated, Blade is seen with a large supply of Serum, in much smaller bottles from the first film. The amount of these he has suggests he does not need to increase his dose - Chances are, once she developed this, Karen left - either to return to a normal life or to join another group. There are a number of theories: (1) A line of dialogue from the film explains, "He shot himself and then he turned", as says Rush, the vampire Blade allows to leave as a "loose end" for showing him Whistler; (2) Director Guillermo Del Toro argued that no one saw Whistler shoot himself (in the DVD commentary), so he really didn't die in Del Toro's eyes; and (3) A deleted scene from the original Blade. When Blade and Karen were climbing out into the daylight after Blade had just blown up Deacon Frost, there was a figure in the background that appeared to be Whistler. It was hinting at him returning in a sequel, but the filmmakers decided to leave it out of the film. (Probably because they didn't know if a sequel was to happen yet.)


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When, on a routine patrol, a Black female cop living in and patrolling Inglewood gets called to a disturbance she is forced to make an unprecedented life altering decision.

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original title: Night Call

genge: Short,Action,Crime,Drama



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When, on a routine patrol, a Black female cop living in and patrolling Inglewood gets called to a disturbance she is forced to make an unprecedented life altering decision.


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A young pilot stumbles onto a prototype jetpack that allows him to become a high flying masked hero.

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original title: The Rocketeer

genge: Action,Adventure,Family,Sci-Fi



duration: 1h 48min

tags: An Ordinary Man Forced to Become An Extraordinary Hero.

budget: $35,000,000

keywords: dieselpunk, jetpack, basedoncomicbook, superhero, femalestockingedlegs, femalestockingedfeet, footcloseup, camerashotoffeet, stockings, gangster, nazi, blimp, aviation, 1930s, classicalmusic, listenin

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Straight from the pages of a pulp comic from a past era, the Rocketeer recreates 1930's Hollywood, complete with gangsters, Nazi spies, and the growth of the Age of Aviation. Young pilot Cliff Secord stumbles on a top secret rocket-pack and with the help of his mechanic/mentor, Peevy, he attempts to save his girl and stop the Nazis as The Rocketeer. A young pilot stumbles onto a prototype jetpack that allows him to become a high flying masked hero. THE ROCKETEER is a great, exciting, retro movie that simply had to be made; it's a thrill ride for people of all ages. What makes this movie really special is its spin on the American Dream - a working-class man during the Depression finds a rocket pack that turns him into a hero. Soon he's battling gangsters, Nazis, and an actor/spy played by Timothy Dalton. Well-done by everyone involved, and without a lot of the cruel irony and mean-spiritedness of so many other action movies. If you want to see a high-octane action film that never compromises its innocence, delight, or humor, see this one. If anyone is entitled to make a movie that in some ways mimics RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, it's one of the visual effects designers who won the Oscar for ROTLA. Joe Johnston also was one of the creative artists responsible for the first three STAR WARS films (Yoda was his artistic creation) and he also did similar work on the TV series BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA. While this film was not the critical and artistic success of his first directorial effort HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS, I think it still rates as one of the top ten Disney live action films of the last 20 years. It didn't quite bomb at the box office when it was released, but it was unfortunate enough to come out on the same weekend as TERMINATOR 2. T2 was such a juggernaut, it was bound to eat up everything in its path. After such huge successes with the STAR WARS films and first two RAIDERS films as one of a group of talented whiz kids who helped give these films their visual style, some might have thought he moved up to the director's chair too soon, even though HONEY was big enough of a hit to spawn two sequels and the ending to ROCKETEER is tantalizing enough to suggest a sequel also. For whatever reasons Disney shelved any such plans. Johnston moved on to make JUMANJI, JURASSIC PARK 3, and HIDALGO, and it's certain he'll continue to make good films.His films are always entertaining and he knows how to fill the screen with memorable images. THE ROCKETEER is no exception. While not in the same class as his later films mentioned above, it does a fine job of bringing to life the old Saturday morning serials, with dashing heroes rescuing damsels in distress and saving the world from dastardly villains. The flying scenes are first rate, including those with the rocket. Interestingly, the special effects were old school, using models and miniatures, without the computer-generated graphics that its box office rival TERMINATOR 2 used extensively and are now the norm in special effects. Old as it is, this film can still give audiences a good ride. I had the pleasure of watching it last night at Lidgerwood Presbyterian Church, with an audience mostly older than me. We all remembered the Republic serials that inspired ROCKETEER's filmmakers and the Errol Flynn-type swashbucklers that make a brief appearance in the storyline. Some in the audience were old enough to have battled Nazis themselves, as do Cliff, the FBI agents and the patriotic gangsters in the end. In these days after September 11th, when we're still, like the Rocketeer, caught up with fighting people whose values and ambitions for world dominance clash with ours, it was enjoyable to see everyone unite to fight a common enemy. It's sad to think that those battles are still being waged long since those nostalgic Saturday mornings. Dale Roloff A movie that looks nice and moves along efficiently, but offers little reason for anyone to watch.


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International trailer for the highly anticipated Christmas blockbuster, "The Walking Bread." Only in theaters December 29th.

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Tarzan must escort his prisoner Coy Banton out of the jungle to the authorities. The boat is blown up by Coy's father and brothers. In addition to Coy Tarzan must now lead five more of the ...

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